Click on the following links to inquire as to the Opportunity -- if you have any interest in any of these, please call Tom Atkins at (412) 833-1910 or write Remember, there is NO CHARGE to you for this referral service, you pay exactly the same as if you went directly to the Franchise President-- Good Luck in your search for the "right" opportunity for you."

Accountants Inc. Franchise Opportunity "Accounting and Finance Staffing"

Gateway Newstands Franchise System

HOTEL Franchising


Digital Media Store Franchise

HOME Based Recruiting Franchise

HOME Based Business -- The Largest Home Based Business in The Country! Small Product Cost Insulates Industry From The Up & Down Cycles Of The Economy. Push here to see what can work for you.

If you are thinking about owning your own business,



If you are thinking about owning your own business,

We have some thoughts you should seriously consider….

BUSINESS AMERICA has a free, one on one consultation service for people who are looking to purchase a franchise or distributor business of their own. Since 1984, we have helped hundreds of new entrepreneurs:

Save Time researching the "right" opportunity.

Discover pre-screened franchise companies where you would be most successful.

Avoid costly and devastating mistakes.

If you have been thinking about owning your own business,have at least $100,000 net worth or $20,000 to invest in a franchise and live in the United States, you owe it to yourself to learn more about this unique service.

Let the experience and guidance of our industry experts help you investigate and select a franchise opportunity that is perfect for you!

Established National Franchise for sale. 3rd fastest growing Franchise in America. Opened in Sept. of '03. Located in a rapidly growing heavy traffic location. Excellent staff in place. Very attractive store. It takes approximately 9 months to open one of these units....why wait? Be your own boss now -- call Tom Atkins at 412-901-0987 or write Tom at to discuss this great opportunity now.

Following the next section of information on our services -- is a list of business opportunities -- some Franchise and some Distributors -- Go though them and mark down the #'s numbers and E-mail to Christine at and we will send you details on the opportunity. You can consider your interest and we will assist you in checking them out for full safety of your investment.


Franchise Opportunities Network of Pittsburgh (a division of Business America).

“Owning a Franchise Business” An American Dream

The attraction of owning a franchise is drawing people from all walks of life. Franchinsing enables you to begin building equity, which means financial security for the future. Franchise ownership means that you are being granted the use of someone elses system, expertise, experience and method of doing business with the added benefit of having freedom to own, manage and direct your own business.

Recent studies have revealed to some what others have known for years. Many of us are unhappy with our jobs. We seem to be seeking a way out of the corporate maze long before we put in our 30 years. But if we don’t work for someone else, how do we make a living? The idea of working for ourselves -- being our own boss -- is a very scary thought. But on the other hand...why not?

Franchise Opportunities Network believes that franchising is one of the smartest alternative employment options available today. Statistics seem to support this belief as a new franchise opens every 8 minutes of every business day. Worldwide, in growing numbers, people are taking advantage of the opportunity to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.


With more then 3,000 separate franchise companies in 70 different industries from which to choose, this can be a daunting task. With so many factors to consider and limited time for research into all the possibilities, many people don’t know where to turn. That is where our associate can put the pieces together to help find the right business for you.


We work with a good number of carefully selected national franchises who seek qualified applicants throughout the U.S. as well as internationally. Our associates will assist you in selecting the best franchise opportunity to match your desires, skills, and budget. We can also aid you in obtaining financing, finding an attorney, and other franchise professionals as needed. Opportunties exist in numerous industries and span a wide investment range. We represent investment levels from $20,000 to $1,000,000 in Food, Automotive, Retail, Educational, Business to Business Services and Personal Services. By using our free consultation service to guide you in every stage of the initial process, you will soon be on this proven road to success.


Many of our consultants specialize in the industry in which they have been either franchisees, franchisors or successful entrepreneurs. All are highly knowledgeable about the franchises that we represent and will sponsor your application for ownership, if you qualify.



LET’S GET STARTED! -- Christine -- (412) 833-1910 or Email:


Accounting & Financial Planning, #49

Business Copying & Imaging #15

Building Inspections #1

Business Financing #41

Carpet Cleaning #81

Carpet Dyeing @ Cleaning #73

Children's Learning Center #27

Children's Science Entertainment #53

Cleaning Service #92a

Commercial Cleaning #43

Computerized Signs #78

Corporate Training #88

Custom Repair & Restoration #19

Dry Cleaning #11

Electronic Services #66

Executive Consulting #70

Extended Stay Lodging #83

Film Processing #58

Hair Care Salon #32

Health Care/Women #93

Hone Inspection #39

Housecleaning Services #57

House Sitting #38

Human Resoure Staffing #71

Inn/Suites #56

Jewelry Repair #22

Kitchen Cabinets/Customized #46

Kitchen Restoration #47

Live Plants #26

Maid Service/Residential #55

Management Training #17

Mobile Security Shredding #72

Printing Center #48

Quality Picture Framing #23

Restaurant Maintenance #18

Shoe Repair #34

Wheelchair Van Rentals #91

Wholesale Printing #2

Business Mediation #89

Financial Sales #92

Fire Retardant #63

Historical Names/Coat of Arms #35

Pet Containment/Sales-Service #42

Rack Distributor #61

Signs/Instant #79

Storefront Window Designs #80

Vending Machines #90

Auto Aftermarket #85

Engine Installation #59

Hubcaps & Wheels #40

Transmission Repair #31

Windshield/Auto Glass Repair #64

Cafe/Bakery #28

Coffee House Cafe #13

Croissants & Gourmet Sandwiches #16

Fast Food #75

Food Court #12

Meats/Specialty #51

Restaurant/Fast Food @50

Restaurant/Seafood #44

Batteries Retail Commercial #6

Candy & Snack Store #87

Carpet Store/Mobile #9

Children's Resale Shop #45

Greeting Cards #20

Imprinted Sportswear #84

Nature Oriented Store #62

Newstand #29

Party Goods & Accessories #78

Pet Supply #69

Rental/Purchase Store #14

Self Service Candy Store #8


For more information on any of these opportunities, list the #'s numbers of your choices and call Christine at (412) 833-1910
or E-mail